In Game: Spray it, don’t say it!!

What better way to test out the street art features than by setting ayour sim loose in their own home? Surely nobody’s going to complain about a mural here and there? I mean you own the place!

Something I found odd is that you can ‘tag’ a wall with a small or medium mural, but simply painting a wall mural limits you to the small size. Anyways, Turnip painted several such masterpieces wherever there was a free space on the wall.

And several spaces on the floor as well…

Here’s what it looked like with walls up…

And again with walls cutaway… she still wasn’t finished at the time I took this, there are several murals waiting to be painted upstairs as well. Including Toue and Horace’s room. I’m actually not sure who else is supposed to sleep in there aside from Toue anymore, both Horace and Nami seem to like chilling in there.

Oh and speaking of Nami…

Vani takes acupuncture very seriously

 Erm… very seriously….


We’re all dead aren’t we?


E3 2013

This year’s E3 will be taking place from June 11th through to the 13th at the LA convention centre, and there’ll be alot to look forward to. Sony just launched the PS4 (aka the PS3.5), and Nintendo is supposed to announce the next super smash bros and Zelda games at the event. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have payed too much attention to EA’s broadcast, since they seem to go heavy on the sports and first person shooters. Yawn!

I’ll admit that I’ve played (and enjoyed) a few FPS games but they really have to have character. I don’t particularly enjoy being thrown into a warzone that feels even remotely close to real life. That’s why Halo, Portal, Half Life, TF2 and Bioshock appeal to me so much. I was saving myself for the next super smash bros but Bioshock Infinite on the Wii U has me just about sold.

Anyway, TS4 speculation is on the rise. Being one of the fans who still believes TS3 has some life left in it, I don’t like how common TS4 topics are becoming. Let’s face it guys, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. It’s not like I want to silence the opposition but I wish they’d be more careful about TS4 topics. I know people are excited about the things we could get (some of them we can’t get in TS3 like unwrapped burritos) but is it really worth having them see ‘TS4’ trending and rushing to get it done? Think about it.


Yup, that looks like a pro bar alright…

Well I’d definitely call that a pro bar, and it looks like there’s 3 barstools (swiveling no less) instead of the usual 2. Oh and there’s the rest of that NPC! This was just before she ducked behind the counter to do… whatever it is mixologists do back there. I’d assume straightening things up to kill time between customers.

What I was wondering before is if that ‘pool bar’ was merely an alcove where you could insert a pro bar if you wanted to, although that doesn’t look like the case here (unless they all got updated or something?). Still, I’d like to see some pro bars alongside the one by the pool!

Is that a pro bar in the pool?

Take a look at this screenshot from over at iSims. A couple of people have said that they spied not only some new outfits and hairstyles (although a couple of them may be from the base game) only a pool bar, but a little something about it.

If you look closely enough, you can see what looks like an NPC standing behind the bar, partially obscured by the column. There’s also a stir stick, like those seen on the professional bars from LN, which I’ve been wanting to see make their comeback for some time now!

Courtesy of alexspoom13

The trailer doesn’t come out until tomorrow, with the live broadcast happening on the 16th, but I’m hoping to at least see this confirmed. Who knows? Maybe the introduction of resorts will also bring us some new kinds of elevators if pool bars have indeed returned? Although if they have, I’m hoping they take the chance to include some updates. A few people on the forums have noted that it can be tough to get a bar to spawn an NPC, or maybe some extra options for all bars. Personally I don’t care so long as we get more pro bar designs!

Also, I’m not sure but does this guy have a ponytail? I’ve kinda been hoping for more variations of ponytails for guys since I don’t know, THE BASE GAME!?! I’m kinda hoping it’s not one of those ones where one loose strand is swept up to one side, although if we get one like that it wouldn’t be SO bad. I know, I’m being picky, but I’ve had this image of my dream hairstyle for guys (plus I tend to make sim versions of original characters and there are a couple of people I draw with a hairstyle like that).