Into the Future Producer Walkthrough

There’s plenty of information in here. Not sure if it answers anyone’s questions yet (unless you wanted to know more about how time travel works) but both the utopian and dystopian futures are shown (as well as how to go about creating them). There also looks to be at least one new trait confirmed, ‘Unstable’.

As to what this means, I’m not sure yet. Do they mean emotionally unstable or somehow unstable in the sense of the space time continuum? I’ve already heard one source suggest that the unstable trait can affect the possibility of your descendants accidentally popping out of existence. That and if you’re quick enough, apparently there’s ways to save them.

Also, the space time continuum can be ‘reset’ if they have a high enough level in the Advanced Technology skill. I’m hoping this doesn’t have to be done for the sake of debugging…

We’ll also get to see new loading screens that seem to be a minigame of sorts. The prize? Lifetime happiness points of course!


What’s this? More store content?

This is just speculation at this point, but I suspect that whatever’s coming to the store is going to make simmers who’ve been wanting farm stuff very happy.

Either that or I’ll finally get some medical supplies without using CC, but that’s far less likely I’m afraid…

TS4 Preorder Bonus

While it’s still fairly soon in the game’s development (last I checked the game was still pre-alpha), preorder bonuses have already been decided on. There’s a limited edition of the game and a digital deluxe edition, which seems to be trying to entice players to get the digital copy rather than the physical (at this point).

I’m really hoping there’s a physical deluxe edition that’s just yet to be announced. For all that’s gone into the ‘Up All Night’ content (recipes, party types and a light show) gamers are probably going to be ticked off if this means they have to get the digital version in order to get access to any of the content.

TS4 mods

We still have plenty of time until Ts4 hits store shelves, but I’ve been thinking lately about mods. Yeah I know, way too soon for that. Or is it? Perhaps Ts4 will be easier to mod than Ts3. Maybe the future Ts4 modders never got into modding Ts3 because they assumed it was complicated. Maybe someone reading this post will become a modder.

Unlikely as it sounds, the possibility isn’t zero.

Depending on the strengths and limitations of this shiny new game engine we’re supposed to be getting, mod functionality may end up in an ep, even the base game. I’m hoping for the possibility of households that span beyond the traditional cap of 8 sims. Realistically, if the sims team was going to do that the cap might only double to 16. 24 would be absolutely amazing!

True, most people may not like to micromanage that much, but raising the cap would just make it a possibility for crazy people like me!

In Game: Awayuki Household and hopefully shenanigans!

I’ve been meaning to update my sims 3 avatar for some time now, but as luck would have it, the exchange is borked again. Until that’s resolved I’ve put my new simself up for download on mediafire, along with a couple of new characters, Himeno Awayuki from Pretear, and Link from the Legend of Zelda (or as best I could manage with no cc, Himeno really didn’t need cc to get her look since the university apparel covered her school uniform quite nicely I think).

 I tried a couple of different hairstyles, but liked this one the best.

 This one’s closer to my real style, but not close enough. My head doesn’t look that squished at the top like that, otherwise it’d be great!

And this was Himeno, compare that to her school uniform…

All that’s missing is the headband, otherwise she seems okay (although I had to sub a shirt for her ‘sweater’, the colour scheme fit better than most other outfits.

Her everyday wear was a little bit tougher… and her PJs will definitely need work later. She’s a very colourful dresser!

Girls’s dorm – Shared by my simself (hence the clutter) and Himeno.

Actually I’ve got art clutter all over the house!

The kitchen…

And top right is link, or as best I could manage…

First Impressions: Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts

I’ve been really excited to try out the Premium Content that came with this venue, mainly because of ballet finally being added outside of Generations! And they said it’d never happen! But come to think of it, they’re probably happy to be wrong.

Anyways, the full walkthrough’s going to be delayed slightly because I’ve been having trouble getting my venues to show in the bin, so I can’t show the breakdown of it just yet. I can however, give you a sneak peak of the dance floor, which happens to fit quite nicely in the gym from Sunset Valley (I don’t know why but it’s always been my favourite).

In the meantime, I also have some footage of the ballet bar. When you click on it you get the options to ‘Warm Up’, ‘Exercise’ or ‘Train’ if your Sim is at a high enough level. I haven’t gotten a sim to that point yet but I’d presume at this point it’s like how training works for exercise equipment.

Using the bar to train will also teach your sims how to Plie, Pirouette and finally Echappe. I found they learned these skills at a faster rate than going to ballet class as children, and even if your sim is a teen (or older). It’s implied that you can also show off the moves, but either I’ve run into a glitch or I need a sim to be at the right friendship level to perform the interaction. I’m not sure yet.

When my venues get sorted out, I’ll take some more screenshots and put up the official review. This is also going to include the new windows and the public showers.

My Experience with Customer Support: Conclusion

The other day, I went to check and see if my support case had been updated, only to find it was no longer displaying on the front page of EA’s FAQ/Help site when I logged in. At first I was a little upset, but then I decided to check my e-mail, and this is what I found…

“My name’s Alex and I am the specialist currently working your case regarding still having 5,000 extra Sims points on your account that should have been removed when you were refunded one of your double payments.

I would like to thank you for letting me know about this issue and truly appreciate that you would take the time to contact us about this rather than simply keep quiet about the extra Sims points on your account.

As it was an error on our side that left the extra Sims points on your account I am more than happy to leave them there as a gesture of goodwill for your custom and honesty.

Please do treat the extra Sims points as your own and spend them on anything you feel like from the Sims store

If you have any questions about this or any other issue, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.”

It’s worth nothing that I still lost points to the glitched ‘complete your set‘ feature, but at the same time I had just enough points to grab the Dance Studio I’ve been dying to get my hands on, surprise a friend with a small gift, and complete yet another set. This time however, I finished off the ‘It’s Game Time‘ set for a meager 70 points, and I still have 11 left to figure out what to do with. For the chunk I took out of my wishlist I’m certainly not unhappy.

I just want to take the time to thank customer support for listening to my case and getting it resolved!

Of course, I still have quite a few things left I want to grab from the store before TS4 rolls around, but I’m getting closer to that goal in leaps and bounds! I even managed to snag the ‘Live, Laugh, Love‘ wedding set via a compilation that must’ve just become available for the CYS discount.