1st TS4 Expansion!


We’re now less than 2 weeks away from release (so it’s pretty late for me to be reporting on this now) but I’m honestly impressed with what we’ve seen so far. This pack seems to take the best aspects of TS3’s Ambitions and TS2’s (and by proxy, TS3’s store content that came with Midnight Hollow) Open for Business and puts them together.

Oh and did I mention aliens are back (and all that implies)?

That’s not all either, soon everyone will be able to build basements in game (yay!), up to two of them! That feels like less than we had in TS3 although the number of above-ground floors we can build is being raised by one so they’re essentially doubled the number of levels possible in the game (whether we own the EP or not).

At just under 2 weeks, let’s see if I can hold myself together or explode from the anticipation of waiting on both this and the new TF2 comic (oh Valve time… you so crazy!)


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