Sims 3 Store: Upcoming Mansion & Garden Content

Remember when we got the L shaped stairs with the prism art studio? Well, you’re going to love this, part 2 of the bohemian garden series is coming in may, and you only need to take one look at that photo to realize what that means!

I’m super excited for this one, as I’ve been lurking the grand staircase thread on the ts3 forums for some time!


New Store Venue: Prism Art Studio!

Photos courtesy of SimguruTatertot

I haven’t been following this as closely as I thought I would, but that’s partially due to my mind always being on class. I actually haven’t played TS3 in almost 2 weeks now (but I decided to tonight to clear my mind a bit, this short film animatic needs a major change and I’m hitting dead ends). The name of the venue is the Prism Art Studio and it comes out on February 6th!

In any case, whoever was hypothesizing about jewelry making and perfume was certainly right!

 I’ m not keen on certain items but the fact that things are in sets is a good sign. Still, look at the selection! 8 new necklaces, 4 sets of earrings and 4 new bangles.

And that’s not all…

We’re getting a glass blowing station of some sort which enables not just jewelry and perfume bottles, but glass furniture and decor as well (who else is ogling the stained glass?). There’s even a glass chess set (might look good if you picked up the ice lounge with seasons).

Oh but wait! There’s MORE! (This is going to allow some beautiful custom content guys)

 I’ve personally been DYING for these kinds of stairs! They’re really wrapping up alot of old requests (but I’d still have been happier if they’d come in an ep or something, with all the premium content and clothing sets that came out after ITF they could’ve just released a freetime or hobbies ep with a couple of new careers and professions, there’s almost that much stuff).

Stilted Foundations (What I’ve seen so far)

 Yes, these are the foundations that come with the island paradise patch! I told myself a while ago I’d wait for Twallan to update his mods before I downloaded it but these features were far too tempting! Besides, I’m busy with my internship on weekdays (at least until August) so I won’t be simming long enough to be bothered by the wait.

I haven’t had the chance to look at changing the heights of foundations yet, but I did try out the new stilted foundations and placing lots on water. Technically, they can only ‘partially’ be placed on water but so long as you’ve snagged a teeny piece of corner you can push the lots pretty far out.

I’m still getting a feel for Dragon Valley so I decided to try building there first. I’ll be able to do some fun things with Island Paradise later on though. This was the spot I chose, just on the riverbank…

 The method for placing these is surprisingly intuitive, they’re placed just like normal foundations! The only thing you may still want to do is smooth out the land around it with the terrain tools, as there will probably be some distortion like what’s seen here where the platform kisses the bank.

 And this was how I set up the outside walls (this build has since been finalized and my sims are living in it, but it’s not very fancy since they’ve only been living in it for a couple of sim days so they’re no reason to take pictures yet).

You’ll need to make sure you add stairs or sims won’t be able to get up on the foundation (and subsequently complain about it). Gangplanks are coming with the expansion on Tuesday, so until then this is the only way (short of teleporting of course). A few flowers and shrubs should help hide the gap if you really don’t like the look of it.

Foundations on top of Foundations

Foundations are a tricky beast. You can do things with them using cheats (like that one with friezes) although wall warping from adding doors makes it undesirable right now. The good news is we’re getting more control over them in the upcoming Island Paradise patch, but it doesn’t look like we’re able to get around the warped wall issue as of yet. Only time will tell…

Here’s what I’ve been able to manage in the meantime:

See that sunken room?
Here’s a closer look…

You can create sunken areas like this (makes a great den, or at least gives you a ‘hole’ in the foundation that’ll allow basement access if you have room for stairs), but it’s a bit of a pain when you’ve got a 2nd floor and want to make sure that’s evened out. Also, I got around the texture issue by using stone as seen here. I still can’t put a door at ground level since things will stretch and warp but it beats nothing right? *sigh*

Although it’s not really fair to say things like that. While TS3 is still around, it’s our last chance to make it known that we want to break away from these limits. TS4 may be new and all but newer isn’t always better.