Supernatural Pre-Stream Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of the last stream, in case you weren’t around to see it. I’ll be doing my next stream on the official HMO sims channel when Seasons arrives!

Vani’s face has changed a bit, I tried to make her look more ‘natural’

Here she is with slightly longer hair

Turnip wanted a box head, but a motorcycle helmet still protects her anonymity
Except when she’s in sleepwear or swimwear
Gregg has become a werewolf (now with 20% more body hair)
What is that on Vani’s back?
Of course, she preferred inky swirls to tinker bell wings
Nami looks pretty chill in his genie pose
I couldn’t resist, oh the things that auto generate (lol)
Here he is again in his genie outfit (Vani insists it’s glorious)

Is Toue flying?
And here’s why… I settled on a different death though
I don’t blame him.. that just looks nasty D:
As a genie, Nami can conjur any recipe that’s installed in the game (and I have some PC installed)
Here I am flashing my wand
Witches seem to end up with alot of fishbowls doing this…
Turnip managed to starve in the first 20 minutes
Gregg manages to ‘wolf’ down an entire turkey (pun intended)

Toue passes out again…
Me, in my new outfit
Everyone mourns Turnip, even after she’s been revived
Except for Toue…

And as usual, Vani and myself end up dancing together