3 Days Left!!

There are but 3 precious days until University is released. Uh oh, something about that sounds familiar. Anyways, to make up for the lost Seasons stream, there will be a proper stream to introduce the University gameplay as soon as I get my copy in the mail.

I won’t say too much yet but we’ll be seeing some new traits, new careers and new looks for some of the characters. Majors (for the most part) have been decided amongst the characters (6 characters, 6 majors, one each). University terms are one sim week long, unless I opt to do two (two sim weeks). One term would be easier to digest  in one sitting, so I’ll still do two (to extend gameplay) but they’ll be split up into two separate episodes. Also, since there are 6 characters, I’ll only be sending  3 characters per term.


Winter is coming, but Seasons is here!

See that dripping off the umbrella? When did he get an umbrella!?! That’s right! Get ready for this, as the weather engine alone is unlike anything I’ve seen since Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life! HM fans will recall that the weather engine was completely different from anything we’ve experienced in HM at the time (unless I missed something in one of the playstation titles). I’ve yet to see what Tree of Tranquility or Animal Parade have to offer, but with weather now in the sims the pace of the game slowed down to roughly what AWL used to be, but I’m enjoying every minute of it!