My Experience with Customer Support: Conclusion

The other day, I went to check and see if my support case had been updated, only to find it was no longer displaying on the front page of EA’s FAQ/Help site when I logged in. At first I was a little upset, but then I decided to check my e-mail, and this is what I found…

“My name’s Alex and I am the specialist currently working your case regarding still having 5,000 extra Sims points on your account that should have been removed when you were refunded one of your double payments.

I would like to thank you for letting me know about this issue and truly appreciate that you would take the time to contact us about this rather than simply keep quiet about the extra Sims points on your account.

As it was an error on our side that left the extra Sims points on your account I am more than happy to leave them there as a gesture of goodwill for your custom and honesty.

Please do treat the extra Sims points as your own and spend them on anything you feel like from the Sims store

If you have any questions about this or any other issue, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.”

It’s worth nothing that I still lost points to the glitched ‘complete your set‘ feature, but at the same time I had just enough points to grab the Dance Studio I’ve been dying to get my hands on, surprise a friend with a small gift, and complete yet another set. This time however, I finished off the ‘It’s Game Time‘ set for a meager 70 points, and I still have 11 left to figure out what to do with. For the chunk I took out of my wishlist I’m certainly not unhappy.

I just want to take the time to thank customer support for listening to my case and getting it resolved!

Of course, I still have quite a few things left I want to grab from the store before TS4 rolls around, but I’m getting closer to that goal in leaps and bounds! I even managed to snag the ‘Live, Laugh, Love‘ wedding set via a compilation that must’ve just become available for the CYS discount.


My Experience with Customer Support: Part IV

This past session, I informed the advisor of my previous issue and received an apology for the inconvenience, because while I was waiting for my point balance to be deducted after the refund, the advisor forgot to deduct it. I’m just glad I know what went down, finally. So if you’ve suffered this issue and are still waiting for your points to be deducted, don’t. Try to get in touch with them and let them know that your points were never deducted (especially if you’ve already received your refund money).

As for the issue of the overcharged points on my own account, I’m assuming they’ll just deduct those that are left rather than ‘refund’ the points that didn’t get sapped by ‘complete your set’. although I was only told my issue would have to be escalated, and that I’d receive an e-mail in 24-72 hours (I’m betting on Monday at the earliest). Furthermore, other simmers are having the same issue and brought to my attention the matter of mystery bag items. I didn’t get one either (to my current knowledge), although I’m worried about pushing more than one issue at a time with the help chat, so as not to get too confusing.

My Experience with Customer Support: Part III

I’m happy to report that my refund has finally reached my PayPal account. Unfortunately, others are having the same glitched simpoint balance issue as I am. Others have merely been double charged, whereas still others are not seeing points hit their account! I can’t help but sense that this is all connected.

Here are my original threads

Same issue as me

People who’ve been double charged

People who’ve been charged but seen NO points

New Store Content Hint: Something to do with OFB?

There’s been quite a bit of buzz regarding the possibility of OFB style PC items in the store, and this particular tweet by Simguru Copeland has our attention!

 At first I thought we’d finally be getting a writing pad, but as Ms. Crumplebottom here is situated in front of the bistro, one would presume otherwise. I’m thinking this is either a restaurant menu, or an item that goes along with something else, like one of those ‘cash registers’ we were all asking for.

Regardless of what comes to pass, I certainly hope we still get notebooks/journals/writing pads! OFB PC items would be an excellent opportunity to introduce such a feature!

My Experience with Customer Support Part II

While it’s certainly not the most logical thing to do at nearly 2 in the morning (especially not with work the next day), I couldn’t sleep so I prepared everything I wanted to say when I eventually spoke to another customer support person. Don’t ask me how, but I actually managed to connect after 2-3 attempts.

The person was nice enough to go over the details of the issue, and pointed out that the charge and refund were visible on my account, even gave me the name of the person who’d served me originally (I know I should’ve written down his name in the first place, but since the refund was processed I thought that’d be that, needless to say I wrote down both their names this time around). When I was able to ask him about the glitch, he simply told me that it’d be straightened out when the money was back in my hands. It’d be hard to give an exact time frame but ‘it’d be fixed real soon’.

Fair enough, right?

Paypal is probably going to be the main holdup here because they put a hold on the refund, and if that takes 5-7 business days I’m likely looking at next week, earliest this Friday.

Until then I just need to be careful I don’t spend anything else on the store (although other people have been having problems just purchasing simpoints, even though a new set just came out). I suppose I can just use the time to budget my next purchase if/when I eventually make it (I really want the Dance Studio now).

Now it’s just a waiting game, and at very least I can have a more restful sleep.

My Experience with Customer Support

Last Friday I purchased for the first time a $40 simpoint bundle, although due to some unforeseen glitch in the system I couldn’t get past the PayPal confirmation screen. Thinking the order might’ve gone through anyway, I checked my PayPal account balance and my simpoint balance a few times, and when seemingly nothing had changed I thought I was in the clear. I went about my business, disappointed that I hadn’t been able to get my bundle. I really wanted the Once Upon a Time Cottage and it was only 3 days before my birthday. However, I knew that attempting another transaction would be unwise at this point.

By chance, I decided to take one last peek, I’d estimate 5-10 minutes after the fact…

I was shocked when I discovered that there were not 5000, but 10,000 simpoints to my balance! Shaking, I did the math and realized that I’d somehow purchased not one, but TWO bundles! I cursed myself because I knew I’d heard stories about people who’d hit the button to confirm again, thinking it hadn’t worked. It worked alright… I have the receipts to prove it.

Thankfully I had enough in my chequing account to cover the expense (and not incur any fees), but I knew something had to be done quickly. And thus, I sought out the fabled ‘customer support’. There are stories about EA’s service on the sims site (and most likely beyond), but I remember hearing all kinds of horrible things. I was even on skype with a friend who was basically told to restart his computer to fix the issue, even though he kept insisting he’d tried that before.

It became evident that the advisor was trying to get him to go away, so he closed the chat and went about his business.

I’m not sure how long I waited, but I switched back to the window to find that there was a person waiting to talk to me. I explained the issue as best I could, and I’ll admit, the time between replies was more than a little nerve wracking…

Eventually he told me hat he was going to check my account, so I waited…

And waited…

And waited….

A few minutes later he returned, and told me not to worry, that he’d refund my balance.

So I waited…

And Waited…

And waited some more…

Was he coming back?

What if he didn’t?

 I hadn’t even thought of what I’d do then…

But he did come back, and announced that my money had been refunded, and very kindly offered me a 15% Origin discount code. I’m not sure if I plan to use it but I imagine if a friend wanted a game badly enough I’d be willing to share…

Sure enough,  my paypal balance indicated the refund as promised (although PayPal puts holds on refunds when they happen before your money has physically been allocated). Satisfied, I thanked him (for the umpteenth time) and closed the chat. Then I went back to the sims 3 site to check my simpoint balance.

Still 10,000

But I hadn’t refreshed it recently, so I did that.


Still 10,000

Maybe I needed to give it a moment.


Still 10,000


Uh Oh……

I was brave enough to purchase the items I wished for using only the 5000 points I’d intended to pay for that time around (ironically enough I was going to purchase another bundle next month when I had the money). As I write this, there are some 48 points to my intended 5000, and another 5000 to spare.

Naturally I’m afraid to try and spend them on anything because that would be fraud. On the one hand, they may not even be real points, but my account balance is somehow stuck on that number, although theoretically a transaction should’ve set it straight if that were indeed the case.

I found a couple of threads shortly afterwards, people having the same issue. At least one person also got the points issue to my knowledge, and she plans to try and speak to them again on Friday if the issue hasn’t cleared up. I tried to access the chat earlier tonight to see if it was really broken like people had been saying lately (convenient no?) and my first attempt started at 10-15 minutes waiting time, then jumped to 15-20 minutes and finally 20-25 minutes before slowly creeping back down again. Then, it just timed out.

As of right now I can’t even select the type of inquiry as the module appears to be hanging.

I only hope there’s still hope for this.