Simes 3 Store Content Reviews: La Cinema Plumbob

I haven’t had alot of time on my hands lately due to a summer internship, but today I finally got to try out the contents of the La Cinema Plumbob set! Quite generously gifted to me by Corettabarajas!

Outside View (It’ll look nicer up against a proper road)

The first step with any new venue/PC items is to set up the lot by either using a premade or building your own. Since this one came with a venue, I figured it’d be best to show you that first.

Top Floor

3rd Floor

2nd Floor (Landing)

Main Floor
Default Bars

 If you have University installed, I’d recommend you replace the bars with Barista bars as they will spawn NPCs and fit exactly into the space left by the regular bar.

 You can also change the colour with CASt so they fit in with the existing counters!

And as you can see, NPCs are spawned…

Sent my sim for a hot drink (typical theatres serve fountain drinks though, so I certainly hope the sims team has that in the works, along with popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, and some candy apples). You could also use vending machines if you want to modify the lot or build your own.

This is a far better use of the bar setup, and because of the NPCs sims don’t wander back behind the counter (as often), although they can still get back there if they’re aged Teen or older. It’d be interesting to see if Twallan comes up with a mod for the system. Next, have your sims buy a ticket, or they’ll complain about being unable to route to the door (mine did)

This machine works like many standard automated ticket machines
And then the ticket is printed
It looks like the typical ‘admit one’ ticket you can buy in bulk
You can watch quite a few movies in that time

Finally, time to watch the movie! The ‘watch movie’ feature from University really compliments this item! (Ignore that, I forgot it was a PC Item… Doi xD) The seats come in single and double sizes (both available in the ‘Living Room’ tab), and look really nice with this setup, albeit a bit chunky.

You may have to tell your sim to take their seat or they’ll just stand in the back and watch. Just click on the spot you want them to take and click ‘Join’ on the big screen to continue watching the movie. They’ll get up and leave when they’re done, especially to fulfill needs. You’ll also get a +20 moodlet for each type of movie you watch.

It’s also worth noting that the lights will actually dim as the film plays! And  unlike theatres in real life (and quite like the lazier ones) nobody will care if you wander into another theatre! Just make sure it’s set to allow the same kind of ticket your sim is carrying.

The aisle carpets look pretty nice


And hypnocow for good measure…

The TV screen is actually bigger than the big screens that came with Showtime and the Level Up Collection, you’ll be pleased to hear! It reaches all the way to the ceiling and is at least 3 blocks wider than it’s predecessor!

For a size comparison, I’ve lined up wall mounted TVs from smallest to largest (excluding the one from Late Night), starting with the one from the base game and another from the store. To the right of that is the TV from the Level Up Compilation, and right of that is the TV from Showtime, which actually looks slightly larger due to the frame surrounding it. Far right of course is the behemoth itself! Needless to say, the ability to set up your own open theatre is amazing! On top of that, you get the biggest wall mounted unit in the game to date. In order to top this, I’m pretty sure they’d need a two storey screen.

Setting up the barrier to entry system is really easy!

Set or remove all locks
There are a number of options for restricting and allowing sims, although it’s not limited to just ticketholders. You can even limit entry to certain age groups, genders, non-humans, celebrities by level, your household, current sim, etc.
Age Options
And if you want to be more/less specific
Different coloured tickets (assuming you can set the price of each on your own lot)

You can even define whether or not you need a ticket to get in, and still set these filters!

Also, here’s what I was able to do with my own lot! Albeit I’d forgotten the ticket machine the first time around, so the doors/turnstiles only let them walk through.

And doors…

Again, the barista bars make for a top notch snack counter as far as the limitations of the game go. It’d be better if we had an outright snack counter, a fountain drink machine, maybe a slushy machine or two. In the meantime, the waterfall lights from Island Paradise and ocean mural served to decorate my main lobby. The elevator goes to the second floor and arcade!


I used a trick from a previous build to create a sunken room for the main theatre, albeit it created graphical artifacts hidden in the walls. I moved that tree when I realized it was an obstruction, don’t worry xD

A major downfall for this set is the lack of a popcorn machine, but with the barrier to entry door/turnstile and the ticket machine serving as a way to set the price of entering a closed off area, there are your two premium content items, even though they’re both downloaded together. For having this kind of game functionality, I suppose it’s worth it but I can’t say I’m not disappointed. Otherwise the set is a little expensive but worth the cost if you really want an open theatre.

I’ve been hoping for popcorn, slushy and cotton candy machines since before Seasons, but thus far it hasn’t happened. I’m just hoping we get those (and maybe a fountain drink dispenser/proper blender) either in the store or in the Into the Future pack!

In the meantime, this set is a great excuse to build an adjoining arcade!


Initial University Bugs

Thus far I’ve only encountered minor bugs with the smart phones (although I’ve had some problems with interactions cancelling, though I suspect that mood may have been a factor for certain cases since it started before University). My normal file seemed okay (except for Mila not being able to text her boyfriend for some reason), the HMO sims file had problems where not all sims had been updated to the smartphone, despite social networking being an option, it still said ‘cell phone’ in their pie menu. Everybody was updated properly when I saved them to bin, demolished/replaced the lot and household, and went back to play as normal. I’ll be trying this with my other save file to see if other per-university glitches go away as well.

At first it looked like this could’ve been due to simport, but Toue’s phone got an upgrade even when Nami and Vani’s didn’t. I’m guessing it was either due to the save being created before installing the new EP, or just a fluke. Whatever it was, I hope it’s resolved now. Regular episodes and gameplay will resume as planned. Worst case scenario, same characters, different save file.

The Mascot Arrived Early!

It’s called snail mail for a reason, and unfortunately, many gamers have received their games in the mail some time after release date in the past, and will continue to in the future, which is a bummer. To remedy this (or at least spend less on printing and packaging) EA offers digital downloads, which unlock the day of the game’s release, usually midnight.

Fortunately, I was among the lucky ones who received her game almost a day early (while downloaders will have to wait until midnight. University is still greyed out in my origin client though, so no digital copy either). I haven’t had as much time as I’d have liked to mess around with the social features, build/buy and CAS before shipping my sims off (due to prior commitments). Seemingly to make up for this, when I loaded up my game, the mascot strolled up at sometime before the crack of dawn in game, proceeded to hide the welcome kit in a bush, and promptly donned a bikini before hitting the pool in their backyard.

Pool Table (and Photo Booth) returning for University?

Remember how Showtime was the debut EP for pool tables? Since EA normally does the live chats with only the base game and currently featured EP installed (Seasons was supposed to be the exception because of the weather stone), I couldn’t help but notice that there was a pool table in the student union building…

And what’s more, one of the hosts pointed out that there was also a photo booth! Is it just me or is that two things from Showtime? Also, weren’t coffee houses also introduced with that EP? Mind you, they were rabbit holes, the new ones are supposed to be open (hope for restaurants and bars yet?)

This isn’t the first time EA has made EPs with content & features that had been previously introduced as part of another EP…

  • Bunk beds made their first appearance in Generations and returned for Supernatural
  • Hot tubs came with Outdoor Living and Late Night but have also shown up as Premium Content via the Sims 3 Store, and in multiple EPs
  • Arcade machines also came with Late Night but have shown up on the Sims 3 Store, and in other EPs/SPs
  • Fireworks first appeared with World Adventures but also appeared in Katy Perry Sweet Treats, Seasons, and as part of a free store set
  • The Vampire Life State was reintroduced (and expanded upon) from Late Night to Supernatural
  • Along with Vampires, Plasma Fruit and Plasma Juice (as well as their vegetarian counterparts) were available in both Late Night and Supernatural
  • Dance floors came with Late Night, although there is one available with Seasons

Given time I’m sure the community could think of more, although if they’re going to re-release anything, I’d like to see more variations of Elevators and Pro Bars. Perhaps some spiral staircases (or spiral slides xD) One good sign is that pool tables are tied to a skill, as are professional bars!

University, Island Life… Time Travel?

Well it looks like we’re going to see yet another… no wait. Not one, not two, but THREE new expansion packs! The Sims 3 University is due to be released sometime in March, followed by Island Paradise somewhere in June, and (I refuse to say lastly) an unnamed expansion pack reported to be about time travel and the future. Myself, I’m hoping they do NOT choose that one to end the sims 3 series. Some have (rightly) pointed out that it would be a fitting way to conclude the series, and while it’s hard to deny that, I’m still in the group that wants to squeeze in just a bit more!

I’ve heard pleads for Farming, the return of Open for Business (which may or may not be lumped in with Island Paradise), carnivals, and much more! I’d like to see at least one more pack after the future one, regardless of what it may be. I’m sure we’ll get more store content in the meantime, what with a new premium content item being released every month or so. Between the Massage Table, Baby Changing/Bathing station (that surprisingly does let you attend to your burritos)  and everything else, I’m confident that there’s still much more to come!