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Custom content sites and authors I absolutely adore!

Sims 3

Anubis Under the Sun

Around the Sims 3


Simcredible Designs

Sims 4

Around the Sims 4


Some of the mods I use myself or have otherwise found helpful.

Nraas Industries (TS3)

Sims (TS3)

I’ll try to get most of my uploads on the exchange, but in case those downloads break (or I have trouble uploading to the exchange at the time), I’ll be keeping a Mediafire backup
of most downloads. The older uploads will also be included once I’ve
checked them over to make sure the exchange didn’t corrupt them.

Sugar Rave


Tyra Bridget (Contest Entry)




Himeno Awayuki


Sugar Rave V2


Sugar Rave V3




Lots (TS3)

Some of the lots I’ve put together over the years. Most of the mare contest entries but I built a couple as either gifts or just because. Photos coming soon…

Shady Lane 5 Star Motel (Contest Entry)

Does your daily commute take you to the far
ends of Bridgeport and back? Are you tired of getting mugged on the
subway? Come to the conveniently located Shady Lane motel! There’s
absolutely nothing shady about the Shady Lane. No really…

Das Modern Beach Haus

Tired of those cute and cozy country cottages? Looking for a more
‘modern’ styled vacation house? Or perhaps a year round home? This beach
house features a fairly open concept layout, 3 bedrooms, and plenty of
space to entertain guests. There’s also plenty of natural light (without
sacrificing too much of your privacy) so you can get the most of your
surroundings withoutever setting foot outside! Although you’ll kind of
need to if you want to make use of the grill or the hot tub…”

Gaia’s Garden (Contest Entry)

“Does your job leave you stuck indoors all day? Do you feel trapped?
Gaia’s Garden is the perfect abode for those sims who just want to tear
down the walls and get back to nature! Beautifully landscaped with
flowers, fountains and plenty of outdoor activities, you’re sure to
enjoy the sweet serenity of this outdoor home.

Freeman’s Hotel

“Are you shady character looking for a dimly lit
basement hotel room that looks like a scene out of Half Life? The dimly
lit, dingy atmosphere of Freeman’s hotel is sure to delight! It’s
advised that guests remember to bring a crowbar.” 

Sunset Valley Laundromat

Is your washer or dryer broken? Or perhaps you’re a sweaty sim with a
glandular problem? We can’t help you with that last one, but if you’re
ashamed to wash your sweaty rags at home, now you can do it in the
privacy of our public laundromat! All we ask is that you clean out the
machines when you’re done with them, seriously nobody wants their
clothes to smell like yours.”

Are your birthday parties lame? Do your kids think YOU’RE lame? The
SuG4r-N0v4 Arcade & Playground has everything you need for an epic
party, fun for all ages! And we DO mean all of them…”
“What’s in the sauce? That’s what sims are lining up around the block to
find out! The secret saucy ingredient in awesomesauce has been kept a
secret since the dawn of sauce! You can ask, but we’ll never tell,
instead we can only offer you some delicious awesomesauce! “

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