New Store Venue: Prism Art Studio!

Photos courtesy of SimguruTatertot

I haven’t been following this as closely as I thought I would, but that’s partially due to my mind always being on class. I actually haven’t played TS3 in almost 2 weeks now (but I decided to tonight to clear my mind a bit, this short film animatic needs a major change and I’m hitting dead ends). The name of the venue is the Prism Art Studio and it comes out on February 6th!

In any case, whoever was hypothesizing about jewelry making and perfume was certainly right!

 I’ m not keen on certain items but the fact that things are in sets is a good sign. Still, look at the selection! 8 new necklaces, 4 sets of earrings and 4 new bangles.

And that’s not all…

We’re getting a glass blowing station of some sort which enables not just jewelry and perfume bottles, but glass furniture and decor as well (who else is ogling the stained glass?). There’s even a glass chess set (might look good if you picked up the ice lounge with seasons).

Oh but wait! There’s MORE! (This is going to allow some beautiful custom content guys)

 I’ve personally been DYING for these kinds of stairs! They’re really wrapping up alot of old requests (but I’d still have been happier if they’d come in an ep or something, with all the premium content and clothing sets that came out after ITF they could’ve just released a freetime or hobbies ep with a couple of new careers and professions, there’s almost that much stuff).


Farewell Twallan

It had previously been known that Twallan didn’t plan to continue modding in TS4 when it was released, but today he announced that he was taking his leave sooner than expected. Accompanied by a short farewell message, he included all of the source codes for his mods for someone else to work with (in the hopes that someone else might pick up where he left off).

Sorry folks, I am to be the bearer of bad tidings this day.
As most of you have noticed, the amount of time I have been able to allot to my work on the Sims has been steadily decreasing over the past few months. There are numerous reasons for this : Ranging from changes in my real-life work, increasing disinterest in Sims, and various personal concerns that have been building up over the past couple of years.

I had hoped that my interest would once again be piqued over the holidays, however unfortunately that was not the case.

So rather than continue leading you all on as to when/if I will ever complete any further projects, I have decided to end this grand thought experiment as of now.

With that, I would like to thank you all for making my time in the Sims 3 world a satisfying experience. Shout outs to SimAd, Trif, TheISZ, and all the various contributors who have made this project entertaining.

As a parting gift for any interested modders, here is the full source for all my mods :

Feel free to pick them apart as you see fit, or release them yourselves with any modifications you wish (though you may want to change the names to avoid any confusion).

Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor. 🙂

The news comes as a bit of a shock to many, as up until now Twallan’s mods have considered something of a gold standard in the TS3 modding community (at least in this simmer’s opinion). And with news of an upcoming EA patch, simmers are worried that not all of the mods will continue to function. In particular, Errortrap is version specific and will almost asuredly die with the patch unless another modder released their own updated version.

Sims 3 Store: New Purchase History Feature

Let’s just say that the purchase history has needed an overhaul for some time, and now it’s taken on a brand new look (like everything else on the site). Flipping through and downloading your store content (theoretically) will now be faster than ever, you can even select (and download) multiple items at once, so long as they’re all on one page.

But the good news is you can now preview up to 64 items on one page (but they haven’t gotten rid of the duplicate items glitch yet, tough break), and each one of them has a download button right there. No more going back and forth trying to load item preview pages!

The only thing they haven’t touched upon (so it looks at the moment) is a category for items that were gifted to you, or by you (although in the case of the latter you’d only need it for fiscal reference. Still, as valid a reason as any, right?)

Midnight Hollow and Finally OFB! (sort of)

When I last left my computer, the early hints for the new store world were just being revealed. Suddenly, Midnight Hollow! I’m still not sure what I think of this world but I’m liking the CASsets (especially those pigtails) and the steampunk-ish theme. From the pictures, it looks like it might complement SN very nicely. Actually I kind of wish it’d come with SN in the first place…

Oh and you know what they finally went and did? REGISTERS!

 “The Savvy Seller’s Collection gives you everything you need to start your very own business! Simply place items on the included rugs, pedestal, wall shelf, or parking space, and start selling things like a boss! Determine your markup, set up sales, hire and fire salesclerks, and keep tabs on your daily and lifetime sales statistics! You can even set your shop hours and name your store!

 I’m among those who so desperately wanted an OFB expansion, so this is exceptionally good news for me! Along with open restaurants, we now have open shops! It just blows my mind that the fans have been suggesting this for I don’t know how long and they’ve given us that and then some! Here’s hoping it won’t be as buggy as some of the other big PC items.

Into the Future Producer Walkthrough

There’s plenty of information in here. Not sure if it answers anyone’s questions yet (unless you wanted to know more about how time travel works) but both the utopian and dystopian futures are shown (as well as how to go about creating them). There also looks to be at least one new trait confirmed, ‘Unstable’.

As to what this means, I’m not sure yet. Do they mean emotionally unstable or somehow unstable in the sense of the space time continuum? I’ve already heard one source suggest that the unstable trait can affect the possibility of your descendants accidentally popping out of existence. That and if you’re quick enough, apparently there’s ways to save them.

Also, the space time continuum can be ‘reset’ if they have a high enough level in the Advanced Technology skill. I’m hoping this doesn’t have to be done for the sake of debugging…

We’ll also get to see new loading screens that seem to be a minigame of sorts. The prize? Lifetime happiness points of course!

TS4 Preorder Bonus

While it’s still fairly soon in the game’s development (last I checked the game was still pre-alpha), preorder bonuses have already been decided on. There’s a limited edition of the game and a digital deluxe edition, which seems to be trying to entice players to get the digital copy rather than the physical (at this point).

I’m really hoping there’s a physical deluxe edition that’s just yet to be announced. For all that’s gone into the ‘Up All Night’ content (recipes, party types and a light show) gamers are probably going to be ticked off if this means they have to get the digital version in order to get access to any of the content.