Sims 3 Store: New Purchase History Feature

Let’s just say that the purchase history has needed an overhaul for some time, and now it’s taken on a brand new look (like everything else on the site). Flipping through and downloading your store content (theoretically) will now be faster than ever, you can even select (and download) multiple items at once, so long as they’re all on one page.

But the good news is you can now preview up to 64 items on one page (but they haven’t gotten rid of the duplicate items glitch yet, tough break), and each one of them has a download button right there. No more going back and forth trying to load item preview pages!

The only thing they haven’t touched upon (so it looks at the moment) is a category for items that were gifted to you, or by you (although in the case of the latter you’d only need it for fiscal reference. Still, as valid a reason as any, right?)