Weekend Freebies & other Free Content

Lately, the Sims 3 Store has taken to giving away 2 free items, and a discount on a select set. This week it’s going to be the Realtor’s Baggage Prop, and the Retronik Lectronik by Phonokronik. In addition, the Club Vaindenburger Study is 40% off this weekend, unless you’ve already snagged it via ‘Complete your Set’ of course!

Retronik Lectronik by Phonokronik
Realtor’s Baggage Prop
Also,I don’t normally report on weekend set items because it’s been going on for a little while and I’ve actually missed grabbing a few myself. In the meantime, for those of you who know and love pegasas1993‘s thread that keeps track of all free store content, here’s some good news for you! The thread will now report on the free items offered each weekend, in addition to all other known freebies in the TS3 store!