HMO Sims Characters

Sugar Rave (Microrave, Niki)

Sugar’s aspirations are all over the map (writing, painting, filmmaking), but in the meantime she’s working at a film career. Despite being a plain dresser and constantly wearing a serious expression, she’s built herself an indoor “Rave” room and spared no expense on the lighting and special effects.

Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Childish, Party Animal, Slob

Vani Borkenspeil (hArVeStMoOnLuVeR)

Vani seems like she’d be Rave’s opposite, but given her excitable nature she really enjoys the dancing and wild parties! Previously she’d been working in the music career, but decided she’d enjoy being a singer instead (but still kept the guitar). She’s currently saving up to buy herself a piano.

Traits: Dislikes Children, Excitable, Friendly, Insane, Party Animal

Ben Dover (Toue)

You wouldn’t expect a scientist to turn around and become an acrobat, but that’s exactly what Ben did. Despite ‘occasionally’ setting himself on fire. He’s also quite comfortable picking a pose and pretending to be a statue.

Traits: Bookworm, Couch Potato, Coward, Insane, Loner

Beard Botnik (Shadownami92)

Beard is probably one of the more laid back characters. He’s perfectly content fishing in a swimming pool if there happens to be one nearby, or just talking to himself. He used to work at the bookstore, and now he’s a full time Magician! In his spare time he enjoys messing around with computers. He’s not too fond of kids, and has found ways to ‘protest’ Gregg’s daycare.

Traits: Artistic, Computer Whiz, Couch Potato, Dislikes Children, Insane

Gregg Harper (Horace Highwater)

Gregg runs a daycare out of the basement. Beard has been known to practice his magic on him. At present he’s one of the few ‘sane’ sims of the household.

Traits: Ambitious, Charismatic, Flirty, Friendly, Good Sense of Humour


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